What is included with EVERY Package?

  • Site Design
  • Killer SEO Work
  • Access to custom photos (we will show you how and where if you need them)
  • Domain name (if needed)
  • Hosting that comes complete with SSDL Security
  • Training to give yourself to be successful
  • Access to me ANYTIME you have questions
  • Custom graphics and logo work (if needed)

But why should I pay for a blog? Sites like WordPress.com and Wix are free

You get what you pay for. Plain and simple. Yes, there are free options out there. The major drawback to those sites? It is very hard (if not almost impossible) to get SEO work in place. Wix has come a long way, but unless you are paying for an upgraded site, good luck. Would you buy a Porsche that had a 3-cylinder motor? You would look good, but it pretty much ends right there. Why limit yourself?

Simple vs Complex

This example is a very simple example. Cost effective to implement. You can go as complex as you want. Whatever you desire, I can deliver!

Training IS Included

Ever purchase something and almost immediately have buyers remorse because you did not understand how to use it?

That will not happen here! I include full back end training with EVERY package. You will receive as much training as you want. Then, no matter when, if you have questions, I am a text away with an answer.

You can do ANYTHING with your site – add multiple photos, use multiple fonts, basically do ANYTHING that you want … make the site yours with your own flair & we will show you how!


SEO is not just something that happens. I will make sure that your blog or small business website has everything that you need to successfully become indexed by Google.

A blog is very difficult to get positioned …. after all, there are more than a BILLION blogs on the internet. Yes, that many. SEO work for a blog is hard, but not impossible. I will show you how to perform keyword research and to give yourself the best chance of becoming discovered.

There never any guarantees when performing SEO for blogs, but you will be in position to have the best chances that you could potentially have.

Web Design How YOU Want It

Your design speaks volumes about you. If you are local, we will sit down and discuss exactly what you are looking for. Then you will be included every step of the way. You will have access to view the site as it is being developed. There will not be any surprises.

See something you want added, just let me know and it will be done.

See something you want deleted? Just let me know and it happens.

This is YOUR site and your happiness is my happiness. The goal is not to obtain payment, develop something substandard and then never speak again. I talk to my clients on a daily/weekly/monthly basis – need something? Just text me. I am literally available the majority of any day.

Text me at 423-737-1933 and we will get started ASAP!