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Welcome to our Burger Bar!

Welcome to the best hamburgers in Johnson City! We serve USDA prime rib burgers that were only fed certified organic grains.
Each and every hamburger and cheeseburger that we serve are always expertly prepared to order by our resident chefs & their staff.

Looking for multiple combinations? We are that place! With over 40 combinations, our restaurant holds the largest possibilities. Whether you are looking for sports bar fare or something a little more “elegant”, we will prepare exactly what you order. Want a simple cheeseburger with traditional toppings that will melt in your mouth? Come on in and enjoy the game on one of 12 big screens in the bar area. Want to relax with friends and enjoy casual conversation while enjoying a hamburger complete with our secret aioli sauce, fresh spinach, and a fried egg? Yes, we have that as well!

Johnson City restaurant.  The best hamburger in the Tri-Cities.
Enjoy your evening with friends and an ice-cold beer from our bar. Offering over 12 craft and 14 domestic beer choices.